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At iga, Each of our professional Business Consultants provide years of Asian experience.  Each consultant is highly skilled, well connected and seasoned to provide just the right plan of action. In addition to providing consulting your Iga consultant can support your organization to implement and manage your Asian expansion or product parts sourcing, through proven, timely and comprehensive solutions.
Your iga Asian business consultant will assist you in coming up with breakthrough strategies for seizing control of your future and creating the markets of tomorrow or source your products at the right price. Each consultant of iga will use proven process which enables faster revenue generation through quicker and tighter implementation.

Each iga consultant helps international companies do business in Asia, (China, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan) from strategic business consulting to implementation, sourcing and success. The consulting team will advise, implement and manage  International Companies, focusing on business consulting, channel development, sourcing, manufacturing through outsourcing and product parts sourcing.

Asian Business consulting
asian sourcing

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China, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan
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